Hi Donna…

…and please share with John, Laura, and Mikaela…
our heartiest of THANKS for your thoughtful note of gratitude and the Home Depot gift card.

You folks were, in the past (2010 refi), and remain today an incredibly wonderful concern to do business with.
EVERYONE’S caring, promptness, and professionalism earns an “11” in our book. You are transparent in what you do, do what you say and when it will be done – which it always is.

I would think, were I (Ron) in the mind to again be re-employed (every day for me is a Saturday, so no reason to change), that I could find no better place to serve than at MegaStar Financial.

When interest rates drop below 2% you can count on another call from us :>)  Meanwhile, should anyone ask about a good lender, you remain our first and only response.

Thanks and cheers,

Ron and Jeanne

— Ron and Jeanne

I would like to thank you all for your assistance in my re-fi.  Everything was very easy and straight forward.  I wish all things in life were as simple as the process.

Thanks again,

Bryan R.

— Bryan R.

Thanks for the info, John.

I also wanted to follow up with my comments to you a few weeks ago about how much I appreciate working with you and Donna.  At the last closing we did together, the listing agent told me that the buyer’s lender was one of the reasons they accepted their offer (even though the offer was not the highest offer they received).  They knew about Megastar and felt comfortable knowing that Megastar would be able to close the deal.  On another offer I made, the listing agent said, “Oh, John Weller is a rock star – he can definitely get this closed.”  Personally, I appreciate how easy you make the buying process it for my clients and know that they will get the best deal and customer service possible.

Thanks, John and Donna!

Renee M.

— Renee M.

Hey John,

 I have been meaning to email you and your “thank you” email was a timely reminder. I just wanted to thank you, Donna and Laura at Megastar for everything you did to facilitate making this loan happen. I honestly had my reservations about this refi, not because of you and your team, but because of me travelling and being able to put together everything from afar. You all made it comfortable and easy (starting with your suggestion of me doing the POA before I left…Brilliant.). You, John are incredibly smart and really know your job. Donna was patient with my questions and always took my calls without reservation or second thought. Laura, although we never spoke in person was the one who I would imagine did all the packaging for the loan and the three of you together make an incredibly pro-active, efficient team.

 More than all the business acumen, I sincerely appreciated your humanity. If humanity seems like a kind of “pie in the sky” ideal these days, I can tell you that one thing I can say about my experience in travelling is that no matter what country you are in you see good people, and you see bad, but the thread that should hold us together is caring, compassion and ultimately love. Your team of professionals demonstrate a true understanding in the practice of this most “human” of all attributes and I thank you.

 It goes without saying that we would want to use this team at Megastar for future home financing projects, as well as recommend you to anyone along the way.                                                                                               

All the best, Michael

— Michael

Denver mortgage professional John Weller has been named one of the “Top 100 Originators of 2010” in the country for the second year in a row by Scotsman Guide, an industry trade magazine. The honor coincides with Weller meeting his personal goal of originating more than $100 million in closed loan volume in a single year.
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— Professional Recognition from BizJournal

We cannot imagine a better relationship and service than we found from MegaStar with our recent refinance. Rest assured that if anyone asks, you are the first and only referral out of our mouths.

— Ron H.

My wife and I just wanted to say “Thank You” for the great service, knowledge, and professionalism over the past couple of weeks in refinancing our home. Everything happened exactly the way you explained it to me so there were no unpleasant surprises like we have experienced in the past with other mortgage companies. It was by far the smoothest mortgage transaction we have ever had! You have definitely exceeded our expectations and we will be the first to recommend you to all of our friends.

— Jay H.

Thanks for helping us out John! We appreciate your loyalty and commitment.

— Andy L.

Thank you for getting everything in line for the new house. It was an easy and quick experience. Of course, now the fun begins with some upgrades on the house. Please pass on the thanks to your team. One trip to meet you, a few emails and phone calls was all it took. You have a very organized team.

— Jamie M.

Thanks so much for your help once again on refinancing my home. I really appreciate all your advice and really feel I can trust in you. It is really nice to have that.

— Barb T.

I appreciate all of the work that was performed and even more impressed with the urgency in which it was completed. I will definitely recommend your team to my friends, family and coworkers.

— Brenda J.

I don’t believe I ever got the chance to say thank you for everything you’ve done for us! We absolutely love our home, this great state, and all the wonderful folks like you. If you ever need a reference for the great work you do, I’d be very happy to back you up, and I’ll definitely recommend you to any friends and family that follow us out here. We enjoyed the nice gifts you gave us, I have to say every time I use your stamp to mail letters I kick myself for not writing you earlier. I absolutely love it!!!

— Brent B.

Wow!  Thank you so much for looking into this and for your exceptional support!  I just can’t believe how great the Megastar team is, this is exactly why we refer our friends to you and we don’t even consider anyone else when we have mortgage needs!  Most other companies would have told us to pound sand!  This will make our Christmas a little brighter this year!

— Josh S.

Total experience was first class.

— Keith K.