Information on Mortgage Rates & Financing

If you are looking for more information about mortgage rates and financing the following websites may help with your questions about the process.
Colorado Housing and Financial Authority is an innovative lender focused on low- to moderate- income families and small businesses. Since 1973 CHFA was created to address the shortage of affordable housing in Colorado. The Authority has become the leader in the affordable housing industry.
The Colorado Housing and Financial Authority Mortgage Credit Certificate program (MCC) helps first time homebuyers and those who qualify for the refinance of an adjustable rate mortgage loan save money each year they live in their home.
Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Market Survey gives you the average rates for new mortgages nationwide. Keep in mind the rates are generalized and are not tied to a specific program you may qualify for.
The site offers insight into the best rates on credit loans, interest rates and rewards.
A real estate advice website focused on offering news, tips and advice on various financial matters including real estate, consumer issues and personal finance.
This is a rich resource for mortgage information and Professor of Finance Emeritus Jack Guttentag, at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, is a great guide in navigating the home buying process.
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